João Paciência Arquitects

Bom Sucesso, building of the old college next to Tejo River aims at rehabilitation project. Grinding building, project for 25 housing units. Polo das Artes, project for 12 housing units. [view project]


Project delivered to the architecture office João Paciência.


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Open Book Arquitecture

Located in Largo de S. Carlos historical reference of the city, the building will be rehabilitated, respecting the singularity of the architectural set of Lisbon Pombalina. Keeping the R / C for commercial use and the upper floors for residential use. [view project]


Project delivered to the architecture office Open Book.


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Menos É Mais Arquitects

Vila Sanches is a project to develop with the arquitects Menos é Mais. [view project]


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Correia Ragazzi Arquitects

Correia Ragazzi Arquitectos is in charge of "Marechal 720", Oporto, a plot with housing where will be developed a residential project oh housing in a closed condominium in Oporto. [view project]


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Ana Costa Arquitecture

As part of the rehabilitation of the former Pina Manique Palace located in the Intendente, VOGUE HOMES presents this project to the Ana Costa Architects.

The project aims to expand and rehabilitate this charismatic building, respecting the pombalino aspects and giving it a contemporary design and comfort, in one of the most emblematic places of Lisbon. [view project]


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Miguel Saraiva & Associados

VOGUE HOMES and MIGUEL SARAIVA & ASSOCIADOS have three projects under development.

Maria Pia, plot of land located in the street Maria Pia, to develop in a private condominium. [view project]

Madrid 6, a building located in a residential area with a project that aims at 11 apartments with parking. [view project]

Dafundo 24, a development located in the residential area of ​​Dafundo, near Algés aiming 10 apartments plus 21 parking spaces. [view project]

Cascais, plot of land for urban development.


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Arx - Arquitect José Mateus

JOSÉ MATEUS is in charge of the rehabilitation of Fanqueiros 218 a “Pombalino building situated in Lisbon downtown". This rehabilitation means to maintain all the characteristics of this antique and historic building, it will turn in to 9 apartments and commercial spaces too. [view project]


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CPU Arquitects

Duque d'Ávila 193 is a building from the 60's going to have a total makeover and expansion all maintaing the original design, located near Av. Duque d'Ávila and Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation it will have an apartment per floor with 220sqm and 2 parking spots. [view project]


CPU Arquitects are also in charge of the rehabilitation project for Portas do Sol 3. [view project]


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Sacramento Campos

Sacramento Campos arquitects are in charge of Crisóstomo 20 project and Valbom 76.


Crisóstomo 20

Typical 20's building on Avenidas Novas near to Av. da República.
This project aims to do a total makeover and turn into 6 luxurious apartments keeping the design and structural aspects of the building. [view project]


Valbom 76

Building of the 1920s located at the Avenidas Novas, near the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, that will be transformed into a residential building with 7 apartments. [view project]


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Bak Gordon

Madalena 88
XIX century building in a premium area with a great view over Tejo river. This project aims reahabilitation and ampliation for residential purpose. [view project]

Emenda 5
Bak Gordon is in charge of this project in downtown Lisbon, a premium area with a magnificent view over Tejo river on the top floor duplex apartments, this building with have some modern elements blending with the typical building design of the area. [view project]


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João Tiago Aguiar

João Tiago Aguiars team is in charge of this rehabilitation project in a premium area near Chiado and Convento do Carmo, Sacramento 28, and Taipas 18.


Sacramento 28

Building of the XIX century, located in the heart of Chiado near the Carmo Convent, transformed into a luxury residential building with 5 apartments and 1 commercial area. [view project]


Taipas 18

Old hospital of the 1930s, located between Príncipe Real and Av. da Liberdade, near the garden of São Pedro de Alcântara, transformed into a luxury residential building of 14 apartments with privileged views. [view project]


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